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You can determine what might be the cause of any problems and then think about whether you’re willing to make any compromises to keep the relationship going.If both of you are using this time to see others, it makes the reflection process more difficult because you both are distracted by the new people you’re seeing.You should be able to talk about your feelings, and your partner in life should be able to listen to you and help you deal with the situation without it escalating into a fight. And remember that any sort of physical violence is not okay, and emotional abuse can be just as trying.Having an extended break because the two of you will no longer be physically close might work better than trying to keep the relationship going long distance. You or he might turn down opportunities that you would take if you were not in a committed relationship. They could also be opportunities to study abroad, for example, which you or he might be hesitant to do if that meant not coming home regularly anymore.It’s often difficult to reflect on the relationship while you’re still in it.

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Work out ahead of time how often you will touch base and when those times will be. If the two of you stop talking and never see each other anymore, the relationship has entered breakup territory. A break generally works better when the two of you do not see other people.

It can feel overwhelming, frustrating and scary if he wants to have a break and you don’t.

Lay out some ground rules to help things make sense to you.

If a break implies you’ll get back together, dating others makes that goal more difficult to achieve. It’s important for you both to be okay with whatever the other person did during the break while seeing others if you agree that will be part of the break.

If one or both of you are dating, the break usually leads to a breakup. It might be best not to ask for all the gory details if you did agree you could both have sex.

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