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In today's market all Handel lamps are highly sought after with pricesranging from 00.

00 dollars for lamps with simpler designs to over 0, 000for extreme rarities with "One of a kind" variations on a designtheme.

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Shade is 18" properly signed TIFFANY STUDIOS NEW YORK # 1469. Both numbers check out properly in the Tiffany book. Tiffany founded his own firm in 1885 and focused on artglass.

He established a metalwork department, producinglamps, desk sets, and chandeliers that were sold through his New York showroom, company catalogues and department stores.

He designed most anything having to dowith interior design, including even textiles and wall coverings. By Tiffanys death on February 18, 1933, thepopularity of his elaborate lamps declined with the rise of Art Moderne and Expressionism.

Tiffany became an enthusiastic supporter of the European Art Nouveau movement, challenging the current Victorian ornate style.

Art Nouveau used free-flowingdesigns based on nature that exemplified the characteristics prevalent in Tiffanys earlier creations as a landscape painter.

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