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Penny Dawson, Ally's mom even notices how Austin acts when her daughter is around!Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.Her love readings, on the other hand, are somewhat variable.Often it happens that Alicia 'helps' a little to get her readings become true, she doesn't think it's wrong.Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature.They can get very possessive and suspicious; on the flip side, Aquarius Moon is very social.The following pages have permission to publish her FAQs: Game Faqs Neoseeker Super Cheats *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* Table Of Contents *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* 1.0 Disclaimer 1.1 Version History 1.2 Contact Author 1.3 Frequently Asked Questions 2.0 Friendship & Love 2.1 Bachelorettes 2.2 Girlfriends 2.3 Boyfriends 2.4 Rivals? But all the girls are easy to marry - the entire point of 1st Generation is to marry and have a child as soon as possible. Marrying late gives you more time to learn everything about the game, to gather up things you will need in 2nd Generation and get more money.3.0 Daily Courting 3.1 Daily Shedule 3.2 Holiday Shedule 3.3 Festival Shedule 3.4 The Best Gifts 3.5 Birthday Presents 3.6 Proposal Items 4.0 Festivals 4.1 Flower Watching 4.2 Eating Contest 4.3 Monster Taming 4.4 Dance Festival 4.5 Fishing Contest 4.6 Adventure Contest 4.7 Monster Contest 4.8 Shooting Stars 4.9 Mining Contest 5.0 The Request Board 5.1 Alicia 5.2 Cecilia 5.3 Dorothy 5.4 Julia 5.5 Mana 5.6 Rosalind 5.7 Yue 5.8 Cammy 5.9 Leann 5.10 Sera & Serena 5.11 Leonel 5.12 Orland 5.13 Roy 6.0 The Wedding 6.1 Pregnancy 6.2 Pre-Second Generation 6.3 Vows 7.0 Thanks & Credits *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* 1.1 Version History *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* 1.0 - December 2nd 2009 1.1 - April 25th 2010 1.2 - October 16th 2010 *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* 1.2 Contact Author *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* If you see a mistake I made, you want to correct or add something to my faq, send me an e-Mail with the subject "Rune Factory 2" or similar to: louisa _ beutler @ louisabeutler . A: Only with Yue - she won't open her shop anymore during 1st Generation. Just watch out you don't miss the wedding deadlines for the four girls! A: I'm not sure myself, as I haven't married Rosalind yet, but try before 9 AM or after 5 PM.

You can do requests for either gendered kid, until the lovelevel reaches a higher number. *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* 2.0 Friendship & Love *----------------------------------------------------------------------------* Open the menu and click on the fourth symbol to open the villager list.

They are always searching for the motives of others. My Leo Moon is uplift, loves to have good times Scorpio Moon Man A man with moon in Scorpio is nothing, but a confident figure.

They feel stimuli, then their Scorpio forces react dating plugin wordpress free. As long as each person is willing to accept the differences in the other, this relationship may work out. Aquarius especially gets so aloof in person its very discouraging.

Now I'm just waiting for the little 'ex' in Austin and Ally's romantic relationship to be removed. And they have had time to grow as friends, which proves that they are much more of a leveled pair.

And on the side: Retrieved from " I really like this whole Austin and ally thing!

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