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When the school day is over, she takes on the responsibility of picking her sisters up and getting them safely home, since their mom finishes work too late to do that herself. to 6 p.m., but on a good day , she’s able to leave by . “I have people around, but they are all busy, too,” she says. When Alexis and Erin were younger, their daily lives included their father and a house in New Jersey. The older girls hate New York City and would love to move some place more like their previous neighborhood. Related: Be A Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally Healthy Nurse Before becoming a nurse, Stephanie worked as a paramedic.

She wishes their schedules could be different or that she could find some help for her children to allow them the freedom to do things after school. Back then, her relationship with her patients was very different.

“They are all in charter schools in Manhattan because I believe they are better than the public schools in New York City,” she says.

“They all text or call me that they made it to school.

Everyone has an opinion of what an ideal family should be, and that usually includes both a mother and a father.

Nurses like Stephanie make us realize that happy families don’t always look like that, and that working with and for each other is what’s important.

There are so many illnesses and so many types of disease and cancers. Along with shaken babies, she has worked with children who have been hit by cars, fallen out of buildings, experienced complications from genetic abnormalities, and some have even been set on on fire by their own parents. When the girls are at home alone, they know never to answer the door, and Stephanie is in constant communication with them. They know how to work hard and appreciate all that they have. We went to Mexico for the summer, and went to Puerto Rico.

Stephanie feels that being a nurse has made her a better mother too.Much of this she attributes to her current job, where she works with sick or injured children.“Everybody takes things for granted when they don’t have sick children. And it makes me grateful to realize that no matter what is going on in my life and the struggles I go through, it’s not that bad. Much worse, actually, and Stephanie has seen it all. Seeing these things has understandably made the single mom very protective of her daughters. “But my kids are very humbled by our experience – of us being alone and all of us working hard for each other. 45/12, DANSOMAN, ACCRA, GHANA po box 1633, Accra, Ghana P. box 12 AN, Accra, Ghana 112 Kotobabi, Accra, Ghana, 00233 po box AT 150, Achimoto-MKT, Accra, Ghana W/A, 23321 P. BOX458, OFANKOR, ACCRA, GHANA, WEST-AFRICA Freetown avenue, East region, house 17, Accra, Ghana 23 N.Dwayne (Australia) Report N2 (added on October, 12, 2009) She goes by several names & has several people working with her all of which have links to Nigeria... Started off as wanting to be a friend, then lets meet up, I offered to buy the tickets, she supposedly could only get them in Ghana once she got visas, police checks etc and wanted money via Western Union.

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