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Her husband Charles was introduced to the Camerons. It was very, very nice for both he and his wife to come. “Of course they have had their own loss of their child, and when you are with someone who’s had a recent loss like that, you know you are with people who get it, who care.” Before going to pay their respects, the couple went up into one of the new skyscrapers being built around the Ground Zero site, where Port Authority officials showed them plans for the redevelopment of the area.

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Her long blond hair is waving about all over the place, her arms are flying up and down. "Words which have two meanings in English - one normal meaning and one dirty.

The sitcom set in Nazi-occupied France became a smash hit.

And I have many difficulties finding words in German that mean the same thing, where one meaning is normal and the other dirty." In the German version, the famous catchphrase "Good Moaning" becomes "Guten Magen" (which means 'Good Stomach' in German).

"I think for Germans it is very hard to laugh about the Second World War.

It's obvious why, because we all feel as if we were the bad ones. But I think it's a very good way of dealing with this time because now it's so long ago. "I feel it is very British humour, but I can't say why! "From the story and the structure, I don't think it was very amusing," says a woman. Perhaps once German viewers have sat through all 85 episodes of 'Allo 'Allo!

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    Man kan være kærester med mænd og kvinder, med folk fra andre lande, med to personer, med nogen der er ældre eller yngre end en selv (se dog seksuel lavalder) eller med fætre og kusiner.

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    It was a beautiful summer day and the larks were singing.

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    Par la suite, la jeune actrice a écrit le scénario d'un film dont l'histoire se déroule en Nouvelle-Zélande dans les années 1960, ainsi que dans les années 1980.

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    In desperation we both decided to get horribly drunk and try to beat everyone at ping pong. We would have stood more chance of meeting a couple of guys if we had picked a pub, any random pub, and just gone out for a drink.