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Use whatever equipment is necessary, to keep all the people around our dominant dog safe.A drag lead may also be useful because it gives us good control of our dog, without having to lay hands on him or his collar, and without resorting to chasing games.She very quickly backs down, and uses submissive body language, when confronted by other dogs.

Be careful not to aggravate our dog’s aggressive behavior by overly constraining him, and causing barrier frustration. Set our dog up for success Try to minimize the number of dominant displays. other dogs, cats) and environmental conditions (e.g.

loud noise) that trigger dominant behaviors, and avoid those triggers.

Then, gradually desensitize our dog to those events, in a controlled fashion.

Calm and decisive pack leader Being angry and shouting at our dog, will only worsen his behavior.

Fear and uncertainty will increase his level of stress, and cause him to behave in a more erratic fashion.

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